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Hey everyone :) I'm hella psyched today cause i won some neat awards from 2000s Nostalgia, theyve got a super nice site over there, i recommend checking it out if you enjoy shit like that, which, if youre here, i assume you do :p

anyway, ive been doing great this week. doing a lot of art, music, whatever. i get a lot of downtime at work so it's really nice. it's funny, really. a few months ago i was in a really low place, feeling hopeless and like i had no worth. you know, that whole rigamarole. but things have really just been? insanely great recently. i've got a nice job, the sweetest boyfriend ever, and i'm just a really fucking cool person. i always hate acknowledging it because i feel like im being braggadocious but like, i really am awesome. my self-esteem has been too low for too long to not just shout that shit from the mountaintops, no matter how egoic.

but yeah, lifes good :3 hope y'all are having an amazing time with ya lives ♥

What's up yall. I'm so freaking psyched for a multitude of reasons. For one, my boyfriend bought me a new gaming PC today so ive been having a ton of fun playing all my games with maxxed out settings and streaming >:3c I plan to start streaming again fairly regularly; so stay tuned in to my YouTube so you don't miss any riveting minecraft action :p I post a lot of different stuff there, so if you like shitty music and dumb YTPs i'd drop a sub.

In other news, ive been working a lot more recently. meaning, i have a ton of money at my disposal to spend on frivolous and otherwise generally featherbrained dumbassery.

Ive also been working on this stupid little dating sim type game in unity, it's pretty fun and i havent really used unity much before, so it should be fun to pick up a new skill :3 anyway, yeah. ive found this little blog to be a really calming thing for me, just to get my thoughts and general life updates out there into the void is pretty helpful for my general well-being and a fun little exercise of my writing skills. it's pretty cool that i can do all this :) hope you guys are havin a great week

Hey everyone! Well after a few days of work i'm happy to announce my newest album, Entomology Neologism. You can listen to it by clicking the image to your left :p I really enjoy all of the songs on here, and i had a super fun time making them c: Hope you get down to it as hard as i do! My favorite track is definitely Heliotropium, on which i rapped a few shitty bars. So fun!

In other news, the site is coming along quite well. I've made little buttons for all the links on the explore page, added a music section, and generally just added some neat little stuff all over. Included in that neat stuff is a button for yall to link my page! here it is:

feel free to let your fans know about me! :p

What is up my dudes, dudettes, and those who lie between? It's been a productive couple days for me, I've been fixing little stuff around the site, making art for it, and checking things off of the last post's to-do list. I've also been working on another album, and almost finished. I've got a lot of down time at work so I suppose it's gonna be pretty easy for me to keep this place updated :) Oh! and I hit 5,000 site views yesterday! How cool is that?! Thanks to all of yall who visit ♥

If you're here, why not drop a comment in my guestbook! I'd love some suggestions as to what I should add to the site change up :)

Hey everyone! I've been having a lot of fun with this site lately, and i've even gotten a couple followers! ♥♥♥ I'm hella psyched to keep on updating this place and I hope you all continue to enjoy it :) I'm getting close to 5,000 views here, that's so freakin crazy to me. I've also been making a lot more art lately with my drawing tablet ^_^ i'm sure you've noticed my little avatar plastered around here, i think it's cute :) But yeah! anyway, here's a list of some things i wanna get done on this site in the near future:

- Complete Shrines
- Add some more recent art to the gallery
- Add some more Taxnul translated works
- Create a page for my music
- Optimize for mobile
- Feature some of my little javascript games
- Make some nice buttons for the links in the Explore page


The exhilarating tale detailing a pair of friends' arduous ascension to a higher plane of being. I'm planning on bi-weekly updates, the first of which being on Friday the 8th.

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